With Illinois college and university budgets stretched beyond their breaking point, State
Representative Grant Wehrli said he’s disappointed and angry that Speaker Madigan today stalled consideration of a realistic plan to provide emergency funding, and instead pushed a Democrat-sponsored plan that simply offers more empty promises.

“This week several of my House Republican colleagues and I introduced an emergency plan that would provide a real path to securing emergency funding for the rest of this fiscal year for four-year universities and community colleges, and to also fund MAP grants that students depend upon. It deserves an immediate vote,” Representative Wehrli said. 
Statement of State Representative Grant Wehrli on Governor Rauner’s State of the State Address:

“Decades of ‘business as usual’ in Springfield are what got us into our current mess. The Governor is right that continuing to simply throw more money at the problems won’t solve them. We need fundamental change in the way state government operates, and that starts with coming together to pass a responsible, balanced budget,” said Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville). “I was glad to hear the Governor focus today on education, and on making Illinois more competitive in attracting and keeping good jobs. I was also very glad to hear him reach across the aisle in the spirit of compromise.”
Just a reminder: To cut costs during the ongoing state budget stalemate the Secretary of State's Office is no longer mailing vehicle registration renewal reminders to motorists.

If you allow your registration to expire, you may be subject to a $20 late fee when you renew in
addition to the $101 renewal fee, so please check the sticker on your license plate for the expiration month.

You can also sign up sign up online to receive renewal reminders via e-mail by clicking here.

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