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Statement of State Rep. Grant Wehrli on today’s State Board of Elections Vote:

“Today, the State Board of Elections voted to fine Auditor General Mautino $5,000, and then, on a four to four party line vote, decided to not forward their findings or information to the Attorney General or local States Attorneys for further investigation.  This ruling truly shows the Board to be nothing but a paper tiger…and today, it was a wet paper tiger,” said Representative Wehrli (R-Naperville).

“Through the course of this investigation it became clear that Frank Mautino walked into the Spring Valley Bank, cashed campaign checks totaling more than $69,000 over a two-year period, and walked out with cash in hand. No records were kept to account for where all of that cash went,” Wehrli stressed. “The partisan nature of this Board vote confirms that Democrats in Illinois refuse to stand up to corruption. Now is the time for Attorney General Lisa Madigan to finally take a firm stand against political corruption in Illinois and launch an investigation into this matter.”

Rep. Wehrli is the chief sponsor of House Joint Resolution 9 which would remove Auditor General Mautino from office. House Democrats have stalled the resolution in the House Rules Committee.
With the spring session clock ticking down to its final weeks, State Representative Grant Wehrli is calling for swift progress to enact a responsible, full-year state budget. Rep. Wehrli (R-Naperville) said legislators must immediately focus on two priorities: setting a realistic revenue estimate, and supporting and encouraging the ongoing comprehensive budget negotiations in the Senate.
Rep. Wehrli this week joined a bi-partisan group of House members sending a letter of support and letter signed by 30 Republican and Democrat Representatives reads in part:
encouragement to their Senate colleagues involved in their chamber’s ongoing budget negotiations. The
“We want to do what we were elected to do; govern the state. To do that we need to pass a budget. We understand a package from the Senate will be complex. Some parts may make members uncomfortable, and that’s not unusual in a negotiated deal.
We ask the Senators from both parties to pass the best negotiated package they can, and then we will take up their work in the House.”
At a hearing in Chicago today before the State Board of Elections, Illinois’ embattled Auditor General Frank Mautino continued his refusal to answer questions concerning campaign expenses that have sparked criminal investigations at the Federal and State levels. State Representatives Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) and Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) attended this morning’s hearing, and stressed that Mautino’s decision today to “plead the Fifth Amendment” to again avoid providing answers must result in his removal from office.
If you live in or near the Ashbury subdivision, please join Sen. Connelly and me on the 18th for an update on the state budget and other crucial issues being discussed in Springfield. We want to hear what’s on your mind.
$12 billion in unpaid bills. 20 months without a full year budget in place. There are many important numbers we need to keep in mind as the budget negotiations move forward in the General Assembly.  A few weeks ago, the Governor presented his budget parameters in his annual budget address. Now the most important number the General Assembly must deal with is 60-30-1 – that’s the combination of votes needed to pass a compromise budget into law (60 House members, 30 Senators and the Governor). Read more at Positively Naperville.
On the House floor Wednesday, Rep. Wehrli called for honest House negotiation of a responsible state budget solution, and called out his colleagues on the other side of the aisle for their continued  political "game playing" with the budget process during the stalemate:

Statement of State Representative Grant Wehrli on Governor Bruce Rauner’s Wednesday Budget Address:

“The Governor’s priorities are spot-on. We need a balanced, full-year budget focused on growing our economy and protecting taxpayers. And yes, we must do some things differently to accomplish those objectives,” said Rep. Wehrli “For years, Speaker Madigan and his enablers have ignored their Constitutional obligation to pass a responsible, balanced budget. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.  But finally, we have some bi-partisan consensus that reforms are necessary to fix it.  We need to build on recent progress made in the Senate and move forward together.”